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So yea,  I’ve decided to keep this blog going (after finding how to change the title of the damn site) and post some of my musings and interesting findings in Los Angeles and the greater region.  Yes, I am originally from California, living in the OC region for most (if not really all) my life.  However, I’ve already found some great places and expect to only find some mores as the week progresses.

I’ve also decided to be a bit more public about this, using tags and possibly expanding this blog further through Twitter and such…we’ll see how far it goes.  But yea, I thought it would just be nice to start the transition process (and yes, I will be blogging reviews again as well soon!)   Here’s to a beautiful year at USC and as a Global Media and Communications student.  Here’s to a year of joys and challenges.  And here’s to a year of good blogging.

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