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What in the world is an abridged series?  At first glance, it seems to be simply just a retelling of the original series in shorter snippets when in fact, it’s a creative (and often humorous) re-telling filled with innuendos, modern pop culture, and inside jokes made for fans of this original.  One of the first actual series to do this online (and to be virally spread fairly wide) is Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series, made by a British man named LittleKuriboh.  Initially just starting out with pretty hilarious episodes of the original anime series, LittleKuriboh really has spread himself out to spoof videos, spoof trailers, and much more.

Yet some may ask what makes this stand out amongst the other hundreds (if not thousands) of web series.  Other than the amazing voices that LittleKuriboh can do from the original Yu-Gi-Oh series and the good writing, the humor always comes as spot-on for fans that are nostalgic of the original series and the content is usually superb.

Perhaps more telling is how big of an impact these original cartoons had with the amount of views and subscribers the man has and the breadth of his content and the new community that has spawned from it.  Even with all the copyright infringing attacks from the bigger companies over the years, both LittleKuriboh and his followers have persevered with a lot of interesting work.  With over 150 videos and counting along with other spoof series, LittleKuriboh should be commended for his work especially as the original abridged web series that started it all.

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-32NGYLqwAQ&feature=channel_video_title


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