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So yea,  I’ve decided to keep this blog going (after finding how to change the title of the damn site) and post some of my musings and interesting findings in Los Angeles and the greater region.  Yes, I am originally from California, living in the OC region for most (if not really all) my life.  However, I’ve already found some great places and expect to only find some mores as the week progresses.

I’ve also decided to be a bit more public about this, using tags and possibly expanding this blog further through Twitter and such…we’ll see how far it goes.  But yea, I thought it would just be nice to start the transition process (and yes, I will be blogging reviews again as well soon!)   Here’s to a beautiful year at USC and as a Global Media and Communications student.  Here’s to a year of joys and challenges.  And here’s to a year of good blogging.


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Hello all.  I know.  This post was supposed to come…nearly 3 months ago.  I am terribly sorry to anyone that was waiting for an update of this.  Unfortunately, my dissertation took much longer than anticipated with a much higher degree of intensity than ever imagined.  For any future Master’s students out there (and especially those in this very same program), start early and don’t lag.  You’ll regret it in the end because your summer break will be more of a summer school in your home (or wherever you are).

Admittedly, though, I am really proud of the final text.  Something that started out as a sort of ‘cutesy’ project became something bigger when every part came together from the literature about fandom and Intenret usage to the wonderful, detailed interviews.  Although I highly doubt any of them read this, I really do thank each and every one of them for their contributions.  I spent a lot of hours and love on that results/analysis section because of it and hopefully it paid off in the end.  Perhaps the best part is that I will get a second go at it to make it even better, tighter, and smoother this second semester at USC.

Ah…yea, I’ve already begun my USC career in LA.  Moved and with books ordered on Amazon to typing this at a computer lab on campus (haha), I’ve had to kind of hurry and start my next journey fairly quickly after my first.  So far, it’s been wonderful.  A great communications system, wonderful faculty, a very practical syllabus and so far, friendly peers (and a car and good food!) means at least initially, everything is alright.

So was London worth it?  Was it a life-changer?  Did I earn any ethereal wisdom while out of the country?  Hm…yes and no perhaps.  At first, being at London was harsh and lonely.  The cold weather kind of reflected my mood at the time, missing home and going through a personal transition.  Different problems arose as well at various times.  Whether it was the currency or the postal crisis or the government change, there were a lot of in-house London problems that affected everyday life just as much.  Yet I believe I became a better person for it.  I feel more knowledgeable and a bit more confident in communications and media.  Perhaps this greatly showed in my first class when the introductory lecture wasn’t intimidating, it actually got me fairly pumped up to take the class on because I felt I had the knowledge and framework to form my own arguments as well as keep adding to that pool.

And perhaps more importantly, from all my peers, I learned a bit more about life, love and happiness.  With many in the program (and at the school) being older and from all around the world, it was a fascinating trip to hear stories of marriages without parents knowing, disheartening break-up stories because of the distance, and lifelong friendships made.  And that’s not even mentioning the wonderful beer one can find in London (and all across Europe).  I feel a bit wiser.  I feel a bit older.  I feel a bit more knowledgeable.  I feel…content.  Perhaps the best feeling I could feel at this point right?  And I feel that the future doesn’t intimidate me as much as it did before.  Let the wind guide you.  Whatever it may be…fate, God, life…whatever you believe in.  Life is never made of firm puzzle blocks.  They are made of differently shaped and sized things that never fit exactly the way one may want them to…but that is part of the journey that I believe we are all in.  Whatever it may be…whatever may come at us.

London – The End…

PS: A new Los Angeles blog coming?  Perhaps!  Already found a couple food and other places to discuss.  We’ll see!!

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