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Review Update


So yea…being busy has kept me from writing up a reflections update.  Tis sad.  However, I promise to get to it sometime in the next few weeks.  Until then, here’s a review of The Karate Kid to keep you occupied!


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Updated Header

Hello there.  Along with my new blog post, I updated the header as well up above.  It’s in Trafalgar Square where I photographed one of the lions next to the tall statue, facing towards Big Ben.  Pretty neat and makes for a great header I think.  Cheers!

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So here it is.  The final full week being in London.  The room is a bit of a mess with luggage and trinkets spilled all over.  I’m hoping so much that all of it will fit in my suitcase without having to pay an extra fee.  [Already have to for my guitar.  Bullocks.]  So yes…currently it’s a mad dash to clean as much as I can, pack as tightly and efficiently as possible, and to research/interview/write/transcribe/analyze  for my dissertation.  The mornings (and most of the days) have been glum this week with grey skies mixed with heavy rain and some random showers.  Typical London weather.  And so I spent the week doing a mixture of different errands.  From doing my final meet-ups for my dissertation (at London anyways), doing some last-minute shopping down the always busy Regent St., walking down Borough High St. to Borough Market a couple times for some of the delicious home-made pastries and curry, and sitting back at a local Starbuck’s, slowly reminiscing over the past year.  My dissertation supervisor and I had a small chat about that as well.  I told her I was shellshocked because it all went by so fast and as intimidated as I still am about the dissertation and the subject matter, I felt…oddly at ease discussing the theories and the methods.  And she laughed, wishing she could capture the moment.  I suggested videotaping the students, being the media department.  Would be interesting to see if that actually goes through in future years.  But yea…as long, arduous, and strange as the year has been…I stand at that weird precipice…shocked at how much I really do know.  And then I look forward, the future as nebulous as ever.  But anyways, I’m saving most of my reflections for next week.  A rundown of the past week:

-World Cup Fever is fully in bloom.  My oh my.  Pubs have never been as packed…screams and shouts have never been as loud…and so much clamoring…I’ve never seen in my entire life.  I thought sports fans in the US were rowdy.  I believe wholeheartedly that nothing (whether it’s basketball or football, etc.) in America beats how passionate the Brits (and the Europeans and the rest of the world probably) are for soccer/football.  Especially on Saturday with the England vs. USA game, every single Brit was in an English jersey or some type of soccer attire…streets were filled with flags…and I was kicked out of 3 pubs because it was too full (I finally ended up at an Indian restaurant to catch the game).  Pretty astounding.  And the required shout-out to Korea for winning their first game against Greece and a disgruntled look at the USA/England game for resulting in a tie.  (The same Saturday…I also got to see a cool ‘show’ of military planes and jets flying by for the Queen’s Trooping of the Color.  Great stuff.)

-Yes, Nando’s is wonderful.  I know that now after going there for a third (and final time).  Great chicken, great sauce, and great sangria.  I can’t think of anything more to say other than it’s something that I hope comes to California sometime.

-Had my final guitar lesson as well.  Cheers to my guitar teacher, Jack.  Learned a lot and the guitar itself was just such a great stress reliever.

And yea…that pretty much wraps it up.  Nothing more…nothing less.  It’s time to move onto L.A.  Familiar and not-so-familiar territory.  But that’s for another post…as always…

Next post: Week 8 – Final Thoughts/Reflections

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The review for Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva has finally been finished/gone up.  For fans of the series of games (and for anyone with a good taste in animation) enjoy!  Hope they announce a US release soon, even if it’s straight to DVD.

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Yes…there has been a considerable lack of updates on this poor blog.  It is a mixture of being attributed to just running around and finishing errands before I need to leave, studying for terrible exams (statistics will be the bane of a Media student’s existence), and attempting to write a thesis in a short time span of 3 months.  It’s hard to recollect and think back to all that has happened in the past few weeks…mostly because it’s been stuck in a room, in a library, or running around Borough High St. picking up some food for home.  But yea, a quick update as per the usual these days:

-Got to see the straight-from-Japan release ‘Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva’ at the BFI Theaters.  I believe I’ve said it before but the BFI Theaters are some of the best kept and nicest theaters I’ve been to anywhere in the world.  Sure the size isn’t that big to begin with but with an unbeatable price (for London) and comfortable seats along with the full bar/museum-like backdrops and beautiful view next door…it’s something that any London-er or any film connoisseur would appreciate.  They also hold these awesome events like these.  ‘Professor Layton’ is a series on the Nintendo DS, puzzle games mixed with a European artstyle.  In Japan, a movie released late last year to capitalize on the series popularity…a prequel to the games and it arrived at BFI for a preview screening before it goes to DVD here.  i was supposed to write a review but got sidetracked with my thesis.  Perhaps it’ll come in the near future!  But yea…for fans of the series, it is definitely cool to watch with its beautiful and gorgeous art style and a lot of fan service.  For series newcomers, though, it’s going to be a pretty confusing 30-minutes to begin with as they try to figure out what’s going on.  I do hope they dub the series with the awesome English voice-overs.  But one additional thing to note…it’s hilarious seeing British stereotypes (from Japan) with a British audience.

-There was a networking alum event after the stats exam.  The speaker was a former employee of Sony/Atari and received a BAFTA for her work on the Singstar games on the PS2.  Quite an interesting talk about future technologies…where video games are headed and all.  It was cool to actually talk to her afterwards about my knowledge on the video game market and see her response about how they research and go through the process of making games.  Suffice to say…interesting times are ahead for digital media of course.  Got a card and got to reminisce with some of the other media students.

-Canker sores…are one of humankind’s worst enemies.  I had a canker sore on the side of tongue for a good week…week and a half.  What a crappy time it came during my last exam.  Perhaps it was all the stress but yea…it makes life a living hell…impossible to eat a lot food, drink much without a straw, and makes talking just a horrid mess.  Luckily, it has all cured up by now!

-A couple new restaurants I visited: Neil’s Salad Bar – In Covent Garden.  For vegetarians and meat lovers alike, it’s a great place for healthy and actually really tasty food with a good price, good deals and yea…especially when I had my canker sore, it was a good place to come back to quite often.  Saucy Pasta Co. – In Southwark.  It’s…a pasta place.  Pretty decent and not badly priced although costs go way up with little things like bread and cheese.  The nice thing about it is its open every single day of the week unlike most other restaurants in Southwark and again, for pasta that’s nearby in this area…one could do quite worse.  They have a clean style too.  Nando’s – The one I visited was also in Southwark.  Great great food.  The amount of food they give you is so gracious with free refills.  It’s like being in America all over again.  The price is high but all-in-all, definitely an enjoyable experience.  The one I was at was self-serve…curious to see if that’s the case at all the Nando chains.

I was thinking of converting this blog into a USC/Los Angeles Blog when I get back and start my second year at USC.  We’ll see if the timing works out.  But yes…everything is wrapping up here as my departure date looms in 2 weeks.  Quite crazy to see how this will all turn out to be…

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