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So I’m done with…a majority of my exams.  Cramming for material that you studied back in September is no fun and highly frowned upon.  However, it was necessary with the strange exam policies here.  They went fairly well/ok/good for the most part.  The process is simply 2 out of 5 essay questions in 2 hours which sounds simple enough.  It kind of sucks when that essay is worth 100% of your grade though for all your classes.  What’s more of a bummer (for one of the classes) is when the question is worded…could be so convoluted that as one of my classmates, it seems like you’re dancing around the question for the entire essay.  As a last bummer note, we don’t know how we did on these exams until November/December when we know about how we did overall in everything.  Gosh.  One more exam to go though at the very least and a lot of reading/analyzing/writing to come.

Some other small notes about the past two weeks:

-It’s been awhile since I’ve been in the UK near the summer.  The sunrise comes up near 6AM and the sunset doesn’t happen until around 8PM.  The saying, ‘long day’ really resonates here and since I do wake up everyday around 5-6AM, I get to see the sun come out and usually get to see the sun come down.  At the same time, London weather is also so spastic.  Never know when the clouds will move in, pour a couple inches, and move back out all in a matter of an hour or two.

-Got to see an out-of-town friend which always is uplifting.  My first guest in the whole trip to be honest.  I had a good time reminiscing, exchanging advice, and eating/drinking a lot.  Cheers to that.

-Working my way backwards, I finally did see ‘Iron Man 2’ and in IMAX for the first time in London.  The theater here is so cool and beautiful compared to most of the IMAX theaters I’ve been to in the US.  It’s literally in a dome in the middle of a busy street and has some cool lights and effects that go on before the show.  For a measly 10 pounds (compared to 15 pounds for paying for a normal, small theater for when I saw ‘This is It’), it was a great experience.  The movie itself?  I haven’t had time to sit down and write a formal review but it was…good but I think still not great.  Robert Downing Jr. and the story of his background is all stuff that I wholeheartedly appreciated and thought was great.  A lot of the stuff with SHIELD I thought was not too hot though.  I know they are setting up for the Avengers movie but it was either integrating them much more into the film or a lot less.  But still, better than the first Iron Man?  I do think so.  Worth a watch for those sitting on the fence.

And so as a endnote to this post, this journey is about at the halfway point.  I’ve been getting sick again recently and been going through a lot of sleepless, restless nights.  Probably a culmination of a lot of things from being back in the smog to the exams and just a lot of reminiscing on my own.  For better or worse, this blog is not about these personal…thoughts/conflicts, what have you, so that’ll probably be the extent of it.  However, I’ve always mentioned in the past…perhaps in my final write-up before I leave back home…I’ll write down a short comprehensive list of the pros/cons/thoughts/etc.  At least something like that.

PS: Changed the header again to a lighter version of Parliament and Big Ben from the London Eye.  Kind of reflects the spring to summer transition here.


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The final cycle is finally here and it’s ready to kick my ass.  Sounds like a lovely way to start off the term but it is quite true.  4 exams, 2 papers, and a thesis are all that stoops in front of me and the door to the next step, waiting for me back in Los Angeles.  After a nice spring break back at home, I’m back in London to face up to two months of hell.

So yes, unfortunately, much of my time will probably be spent just working as hard as I can (been having nearly sleepless nights ever since I returned) and much less time blogging or much else which is a shame.  However, I do want to go home as early as I can and do want to have somewhat of a semblance of a summer break which would be absolutely brilliant if possible.  I’ll still try to blog as much as I can although much of it will be about me sitting at my dorm room, typing and studying and memorizing.  The weather is nicer at least with the fact that it’s just raining and windy at times and that long feared-about volcanic ash?  No sign of it here at least anymore.

But yes, much thanks to those who somehow still follow this blog.  I promise I’ll write something after at least the first few exams that is worthwhile and somewhat insightful.  Until then, back to my prison…I mean my room I go.

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